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  • posted about Save SEQ Koalas on Facebook 2017-03-15 07:30:04 +1000
    Sign the petition: Palaszczuk government, save SEQ koalas

    Sign the petition: Palaszczuk government, save SEQ Koalas

    Stand with us in calling on the Palaszczuk government to stop the clearing of koala habitat in Southeast Queensland. 

    An expert panel report has shown that past efforts to protect the koala, which is Queensland’s official animal emblem, have failed. Up to 80% of the koala population in Southeast Queensland has been lost in just 20 years due to destruction of woodland habitat, traffic issues and domestic dog attacks

    The koala now faces the prospect of extinction in the wild in Southeast Queensland.

    The State Government needs to take urgent action and immediately:

    • implement a moratorium on any clearing in south-east Queensland
    • declare the koala ‘Endangered’ in south-east Queensland
    • prioritise koala and habitat protection in new planning rules

    Send a clear message that more needs to be done urgently to protect our state emblem.

    Sign the petition below.


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    Back the organisation protecting Queensland's natural environment since 1969.


    As the states peak non-government environment group since 1969 we coordinate within the conservation sector in Queensland to be a voice for the environment. Our mission is to protect, conserve and sustain Queensland’s unique natural environment, making sure that our wildlife, rivers and landscapes continue to thrive for future generations.

    Queensland Conservation Council
    1 / 377 Montague Road. West End, QLD 4101
    (07) 3846 7833



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