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  • signed Hands Off Our National Parks 2018-10-31 17:53:47 +1000
    Hinchinbrook Wilderness Trail is a self reliant wilderness experience – one of the worlds great wilderness walks, open to anyone – there are so many glamour and commercial opportunities around the world…this one is unique because it is not commercial, has no facilities and it is not glamorous. That is it’s wonder and great appeal to all who walk it…. you have no right to destroy this place. There has been no consultation with traditional owners, no consultation with the community, no consultation relating to its world heritage status – national parks are places of protection not exploitation. Only a miserable 4% of Qld is protected as national park! Put commercial interests and development somewhere in the 96% of Qld that is not protected area!

    Hands Off Our National Parks

    Sign our petition to demand the Queensland Government say no to the privatisation and destruction of our National Parks.

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    Hinchinbrook Island, Whitsunday Island and Cooloola have been declared national parks because of their exceptional scientific, ecological, heritage and recreational values. Any changes to the land tenure of those national parks will lessen the protection of those exceptional values.
    Public opinion, actively demonstrated over decades, indicates that citizens believe that areas declared as National Parks form a vital part of the state's heritage for all to enjoy.
    We call upon Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, and Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Leeanne Enoch, to ensure that:
    • The whole of Hinchinbrook Island, Whitsunday Island and Cooloola National Parks are retained as national park with no private development within them; 
    • The three national parks are properly managed so as to protect their exceptional values; and
    • No private development is permitted within any of Queensland's national parks.
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