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  • signed National Parks for Life 2020-05-23 00:18:32 +1000
    Qld Government, keep your commitment to our National Parks, the ecology of this country is desperately suffering, we need to work hard now to ensure Qld remains a sanctuary of land and sea and the sunshine state for our people, lifestyle and all life. By saving our forests, we save our State, we save ourselves!

    National Parks for Life - Sign the Petition

    Well-managed National parks are a safe haven for Queensland's endangered wildlife

    National parks and other protected areas are one of the best ways to conserve nature and protect cultural values. They provide a legal safeguard for wildlife and connect us with rich, life-giving landscapes essential for our well being. 

    Despite Queensland’s living cultural landscapes being the most diverse of any state or territory in Australia, we have the smallest proportion of land in protected areas such as national parks. 

    In 2016 the Queensland Government committed to doubling the area of protected land from around 8% to 17%, but since then, very little has changed. 

    As Queenslanders, we treasure our national parks and with the leadership and consent of First Nations people, call on the Queensland Government to build a bigger and better system of parks and protected areas across the state by: 

    1. Maintaining the commitment to double the size of Queensland’s protected area system.
    2. Investing in well-managed new National Parks to protect species and help rebuild  regional tourism. 
    3. Increasing funding for management of our existing national parks, creating more jobs for Park Rangers and land managers.


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