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Dear Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk/Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls

Clearing is out of control again in Queensland. Since laws, policies and enforcement processes were
substantially weakened in 2012 and 2013, Queensland’s land clearing rates have risen dramatically to
levels not seen for more than a decade.

Clearing has a major impact on native wildlife and threatened species which depend on woodlands
for habitat. Clearing is also bad for the Great Barrier Reef, waterways, and the climate. State land
clearing legislation, planning legislation, enforcement policies and monitoring processes all need to
be strengthened and used to achieve a new level of protection from clearing threats.

In particular we need:

1. Permanent protection for all old-growth native woodlands and forests
2. Permanent protection of all other high conservation value native woodlands and forests
3. Removal of ‘Self-Assessable Codes’ for land clearing
4. Strong monitoring and resourcing for the enforcement of land clearing laws
5. Improved mapping for vegetation and a halt to exemptions via property maps
6. Establishment of a substantial ecological carbon fund and support for restoration opportunities
7. A commitment to prompt, transparent and regular (minimum annual) release of clearing data
and reporting on impacts.

Please commit to taking these actions to help protect our native wildlife and their habitats.

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    Why aren’t developers doing proper environmental studies to see what wildlife is there before developing.

    They should also be made to include wildlife corridors.

    Especially in the Logan area (Chamber Flat Rd) it is out of hand. I see so many dead animals on the side of the road, these include kangaroos, turtles, echidnas, possums, not to mention the others that I don’t see. Developers are also destroying breeding, feeding, and waterholes.

    Let me ask you this? “Would you like someone to come along and bulldoze your house while you are asleep in it?”
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    We need balance. Yes, development must happen, but it can be achieved with a lot less environmental impact. Calling for more animal protections please !
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    I am very concerned about land clearing both in SE Queensland and in regional areas, particularly up north. The destruction to wildlife is far too big a price to pay. Please introduce laws to limit land clearing!!
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    The rate of land clearing occurring in Australia – a 1st world nation – is absolutely inexcusable. We promote our unique environment and animals in a marketing sense then proceed to destroy them…….it does not make any sense. Eco-friendly tourism, in the longer term, is more profitable than the short term destruction for short term profits.
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    I'm calling on our government to protect our wildlife and take action on land clearing. Please join me!
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    I'm calling on our government to protect our wildlife and take action on land clearing. Please join me!
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    As a wildlife rescuer, it is heartbreaking seeing animals lose their homes, die because they are in the way…………….Why does animal life have so little value. Is the wildlife not protected. What are our laws for? Why can’t they be stronger?
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