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Dear Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk/Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls

Clearing is out of control again in Queensland. Since laws, policies and enforcement processes were
substantially weakened in 2012 and 2013, Queensland’s land clearing rates have risen dramatically to
levels not seen for more than a decade.

Clearing has a major impact on native wildlife and threatened species which depend on woodlands
for habitat. Clearing is also bad for the Great Barrier Reef, waterways, and the climate. State land
clearing legislation, planning legislation, enforcement policies and monitoring processes all need to
be strengthened and used to achieve a new level of protection from clearing threats.

In particular we need:

1. Permanent protection for all old-growth native woodlands and forests
2. Permanent protection of all other high conservation value native woodlands and forests
3. Removal of ‘Self-Assessable Codes’ for land clearing
4. Strong monitoring and resourcing for the enforcement of land clearing laws
5. Improved mapping for vegetation and a halt to exemptions via property maps
6. Establishment of a substantial ecological carbon fund and support for restoration opportunities
7. A commitment to prompt, transparent and regular (minimum annual) release of clearing data
and reporting on impacts.

Please commit to taking these actions to help protect our native wildlife and their habitats.

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    If we don’t stop this madness we will end up with many native species either extinct or critically endangered. I hope that we have the intelligence to keep enough natural areas to ensure that Australian wildlife continue to exist.
  • endorsed 2017-12-12 16:05:59 +1000
    we must take the lead in responsible land clearing, to manage wildlife populations and relocation, how much more do we expect to get away with without environmental consequences
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    At least, the changes made to land clearing laws by the Newman government must be rescinded
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    There is an urgent need to amend the statutory framework for land clearing in Queensland. Current rates of deforestation cause a range of environmental impacts and kill and injure millions of reptiles, birds and mammals.
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    I'm calling on our government to protect our wildlife and take action on land clearing. Please join me!
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    I'm calling on our government to protect our wildlife and take action on land clearing. Please join me!
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    I am embarrassed to live in a state where the environment seems to me to be regarded as something that is to be conquered and concreted over with very little rrgard for the flora, fauna and the future…

    I did an Environmental Course and was laughed at when I disclosed that I live on the Gold Coast. When I asked why my class mates where laughinv the answer was….“You live in an area that is nationally known for its disrespect for the environment”. I was so sad to hear this but I am even sadder now that I often see this first hand…

    WAKE UP !! and stop the distruction..

    Surely you are embarrassed aswell or if not you dam well should be…… 😢
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    Australia is so beautiful and we need to act now to protect it for future generations to enjoy. Our wildlife deserves better!
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    Please stop the destruction of our wildlife: this country is all about greed, greed, greed. Life is short, think of the generation coming after and be a good temporary steward of the land.
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    Come on Australia! It’s time to stop taking and give back to our native animals. We live on one of the most breath taking islands. Why government? Why do you want to destroy that? The Great Barrier Reef is part of the seven wonders and its living, yet you’re quite willing to wipe it out but for what? More money? All this clearing for heartless purposes needs to come to a hault. Let’s make Australia great again for our generation and the next.