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    Sign the Letter!

    Add your voice to our letter calling on our political leaders to take action on Land Clearing!


    Dear Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk,

    Clearing is out of control again in Queensland. Since laws, policies and enforcement processes were
    substantially weakened in 2012 and 2013, Queensland’s land clearing rates have risen dramatically to
    levels not seen for more than a decade.

    Clearing has a major impact on native wildlife and threatened species which depend on woodlands
    for habitat. Clearing is also bad for the Great Barrier Reef, waterways, and the climate. State land
    clearing legislation, planning legislation, enforcement policies and monitoring processes all need to
    be strengthened and used to achieve a new level of protection from clearing threats.

    In particular we need:

    1. Permanent protection for all old-growth native woodlands and forests
    2. Permanent protection of all other high conservation value native woodlands and forests
    3. Removal of ‘Self-Assessable Codes’ for land clearing
    4. Strong monitoring and resourcing for the enforcement of land clearing laws
    5. Improved mapping for vegetation and a halt to exemptions via property maps
    6. Establishment of a substantial ecological carbon fund and support for restoration opportunities
    7. A commitment to prompt, transparent and regular (minimum annual) release of clearing data
    and reporting on impacts.

    Please commit to taking these actions to help protect our native wildlife and their habitats.

    (Your name here)


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    Add your voice to the state-wide movement to move Queensland out of the dirty energy past and into the clean energy future.

    We call on the Queensland Government to commit to legislate an ambitious renewable energy target, phase out coal-fired power and invest in large-scale clean energy projects across our state.

    Rooftop by rooftop, communities across Queensland are nudging our sunshine state towards a sun-powered future. In fact, Queenslanders are world leaders at harvesting sunshine! But right now, too many people don't have access to clean energy. They are being left behind with dirty old energy that’s damaging our climate and harming our communities.

    We know we need to cut pollution and shift to clean energy, fast. To make this happen – and enable everyone, everywhere, to power their lives with clean energy – our government must step up and lead. Together, lets move Queensland out of the dirty energy past and into the clean energy future.

    Sign the pledge below and show your support for a Sun-Powered Queensland.

    It's time to shine!

    See the list of who is standing with us

    If you are a member of an organisation wanting to be involved in the campaign please get in touch by emailing caspian.bahram@qldconservation.org.au.

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  • signed Save SEQ Koalas 2017-05-02 10:10:33 +1000
    Dear Ms Palaszczuk,

    If you allow land-clearing to continue in SEQ, there’ll come a day when the only koalas children can “see” will be in Disney cartoons.

    Meanwhile, there are towns outside South-East Queensland that are mouldering away, services gradually being shut down as we Queenslanders retreat to the coast and too what will be the slums of the city.

    Rather than abrogate the responsibilities of making decisions on behalf of all Queensland, please think, and act, to avert this failure. I know it takes thinking, I know it takes saying “No” to the brutal morons that call themselves the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, but please have the decency to stand for something.

    Yours sincerely,

    David Arthur

    Sign the petition: Palaszczuk government, save SEQ Koalas

    Stand with us in calling on the Palaszczuk government to stop the clearing of koala habitat in Southeast Queensland. 

    An expert panel report has shown that past efforts to protect the koala, which is Queensland’s official animal emblem, have failed. Up to 80% of the koala population in Southeast Queensland has been lost in just 20 years due to destruction of woodland habitat, traffic issues and domestic dog attacks

    The koala now faces the prospect of extinction in the wild in Southeast Queensland.

    The State Government needs to take urgent action and immediately:

    • implement a moratorium on any clearing in south-east Queensland
    • declare the koala ‘Endangered’ in south-east Queensland
    • prioritise koala and habitat protection in new planning rules

    Send a clear message that more needs to be done urgently to protect our state emblem.

    Sign the petition below.


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